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BNC Connectors

BNC Connectors from Belden maximize broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability. Rated for 6 GHz and 12 GHz broadcast applications, one-piece and three-piece connector types are available. The connectors exceed SMPTE return loss

Features & Benefits

  • Quick Deployment: A 360-degree, floating-pin basket at the back of the connector makes insertion of the cable center conductor accurate and easy
  • Excellent Holding Strength: Internal 360-degree compression rings eliminate ingress and egress from the back of the connector
  • Outstanding Return Loss Performance

Rating RG Type Environment TypePart Number
12.0 GHz Mini RG-59 Riser 1-pc Compression4855RBUHD1
3-pc Crimp4855RBUHD3
RG-59 Riser 1-pc Compression4505RBUHD1
3-pc Crimp4505RBUHD3
RG-6 Riser 1-pc Compression4694RBUHD1
3-pc Crimp4694RBUHD3
Series 7 Riser 1-pc Compression4797RBUHD1
3-pc Crimp4794RBUHD3
RG-11 Riser 3-pc Crimp4731RBUHD3
6.0 GHz Ultra-MiniatureRiser 1-pc Compression179DTBHD1
3-pc Crimp179DTBHD3
1-pc Locking179DTBHDL
Mini RG-59 Riser/Plenum 1-pc Compression1855ABHD1
3-pc Crimp1855ABHD3
1-pc Locking1855ABHDL
RG-59 Riser 1-pc Compression1505ABHD1
Riser/Plenum 3-pc Crimp1505ABHD3
Riser 1-pc Locking1505ABHDL
RG-6 Riser 1-pc Compression1694ABHD1
Riser/Plenum 3-pc Crimp1694ABHD3
Riser 1-pc Locking1694ABHDL
Series 7 Riser 1-pc Compression179DTBHD1
3-pc Crimp179DTBHD3
1-pc Locking179DTBHDL
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