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Keeping Broadcasters Ahead of the Game

Unparalleled Engineering, Manufacturing & Deployment Expertise


As viewers become increasingly connected to devices, broadcast and media providers are witnessing mass migration to internet protocol (IP) as the preferred method of content consumption. Meeting expectations including high-resolution video, OTT streaming, augmented/virtual reality & migration from coax to IP capture some on the advancements required to connect viewers in new and more immersive ways. Delivering on these advancements however, demands more bandwidth place significantly higher demands on cabling and connectivity infrastructures.

As a leader in end-to-end professional broadcast solutions, Belden’s cabling and connectivity portfolio consistently exceeds industry standards guaranteeing future-proof infrastructures designed to meet increased bandwidth and information capacity requirements in field applications and permanent studio installations.

With decades of engineering, manufacturing and deployment expertise, Belden has set the global standard for broadcast solutions. Whether you’re a broadcast outlet, content provider, systems integrator or broadcast truck manufacturer, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve to guarantee the best possible experience for your viewing audience.


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