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Category 5e Cable

Ensure maximum network performance and stability in legacy IP applications, renovations and price-sensitive environments with Category 5e cables that exceed standards. Belden offers several Category 5e performance levels. Our top-of-line 1200 Series cable provides headroom beyond the TIA-568-C.2 Category 5e standard and is offered with Bonded-Pair technology to make your installation as robust as possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Breadth of Portfolio: Product family includes UTP, F/UTP, Plenum, Riser, LSZH, OSP, Commercial and Industrial cables
  • Superior Electrical Performance: Exceeds Category 5e performance
  • Performance Headroom: As part of the REVConnect 1200 System, delivers data rates up to 1.2 Gb/s for a system with usable bandwidth of 160 MHz
  • Stable Electricals: 1200 Cable’s design features matched conductors on all four pairs providing for extremely stable electrical performance
  • No Need for an Overall Jacket: 1200 Banana Peel® Enhanced Category 5e Cable bundles six cables to a center spline in a unique design

Type Shielding Rating Tech Data Sheet
Highest Level System Cable (1200) UTPCMPBonded-Pair
Highest Level System Cable (1200) SiameseUTPCMPBonded-Pair
Minimum CompliantUTPCMPContact Sales
UTPCMRContact Sales
Patch CordageUTPCMRBonded-Pair
Outside Plant, Gel FilledUTP OSPNon-bonded
UTPOSP, CM-LSNon-bonded
Outdoor CMR/CMXUTPCMR/CMX-OutdoorNon-bonded
Outside Plant, Gel Filled 25-PairCorrugated AOSP, CM-LSNon-bonded
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