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Consolidation/MDU Enclosures

Belden’s Consolidation/MDU Enclosures add flexibility to structured cabling system design while providing cost savings for future moves, adds and changes. Consolidation/MDU Enclosures are located close to workstations and house transition-point connectivity that allows the majority of horizontal cabling to remain untouched while providing flexibility to adjust floorplans and modular office furniture as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Expand Design Possibilities: Enjoy a wide breadth of enclosure sizes and a variety of modular connectivity components and housing options
  • Maximize Use: Host passive and active equipment in the same enclosure
  • Reduce Costs: Protect horizontal cable runs through unlimited office reconfigurations
  • Support Active Equipment: Units are designed to accommodate single- or full-width AC power modules, mini and universal DC power supplies

Description Part Number
28" Screw on Flush CoverXRES2814FC
42" Enclosure, 14" High, 14.38 wide x 3.63 DeepXRES4214
42" Vented Hinged DoorXRES4214VHD
42" Screw on Flush CoverXRES4214FC
14" Enclosure, 14" High, 14.38 wide x 3.63 DeepXRES1414
Vented Hinged DoorXRES1414VHD
14" Screw on Flush CoverXRES1414FC
21" Enclosure, 14" High, 14.38 wide x 3.63 DeepXRES2114
21" Vented Hinged DoorXRES2114VHD
21" Screw on Flush CoverXRES2114FC
28" Enclosure, 14" High, 14.38 wide x 3.63 DeepXRES2814
28" Vented Hinged DoorXRES2814VHD

DescriptionPart Numbers
Mini Cable Manager BracketXRESBR-007
90’ Front AccessXRESBR-005
Front Access, 21 POSXRESBR-006
ONT Box BracketXRESBR-009