Data Center Solutions

From the Rack Space to the Parking Space

Belden empowers people and organizations to support in-building and across-campus data centers through industry-leading copper and fiber infrastructure.

A Holistic Platform of data center solutions

Whether your requirements are for an enterprise, edge, colocation, hyperscale or containerized/modular data center, our holistic solutions range from data transmission technologies to power and cooling, security, access control, monitoring and more.



Configurable Systems for your specific data center project

A partnership approach results in configurable systems that adapt to your specific data center projects: white space, operational areas, facilities management and core IT, Ethernet over IP (EoIP) and OT requirements for building controls, command and control, security and surveillance. 



Agile Innovation to support evolving data center requirements

Because we understand the interplay among cooling, power and density in today’s data centers, we can help you implement the right blend of technologies to maximize efficiency, complement today’s performance requirements and support future requirements.


Ready to Start a Project?

Belden's infrastructure products are engineered to work together to optimize performance & provide a seamless deployment workflow.

Why Choose a Belden Data Center Solution?

Simple: Belden manufactures the widest breadth of products in the industry. You can count on us to provide a complete solution that keeps your system running at 100% so you can stay focused on your business.

Cost Reduction

Belden reduces costs across your supply chain through standardization, negotiated pricing, delivery and reduced energy consumption.

System Uptime

Belden products are put through rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality. We back our quality with a 25 year product performance and labor warranty.

Ease of Use

Belden products are engineered to work together for peak performance. Our innovators are at the forefront of technology so that, when you are ready to upgrade, we’ll be ready, too.

Space Utilization

Belden’s high-density solutions support more connections in less space. Our engineers design for maximum efficiency.

Configurable Solutions

Let our team of professionals help you design the perfect fit for your data center with competitive pricing, fast creation and deployment, and compatibility with standard products for easy integration.

Physical Security

Belden keeps security top of mind with physical security offerings that cover everything from cabinet-level to campus-wide needs, truly supporting data centers from the rack space to the parking space.

From the Blog

Data Center Cabling to Support High Density

Data Center

Mobile and wearable devices, 4K and 8K video streaming, Internet of Things and 5G: Demand on today’s data centers continues to increase due to our rapidly changing world.

Kikie Kunplin | 03.19.2020

Edge Data Centers Focus of New Cabling Standards


Because of our active participation in organizations like TIA, IEEE and ISO, Belden often hears about new changes to cabling standards well in advance. To help you keep up, we created a short list of upcoming changes to cabling standards:

Henry Franc | 05.09.2019

Meet OM5 Multimode Fiber


We first told you about wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) back in October 2016, right after the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) decided on the nomenclature for wideband multimode fiber cable: OM5. This new TIA development – ANSI/TIA-492AAAE – was approved for publication in June 2016.  It helps data center managers deal with escalating data rates and the demand for higher bandwidth.  

Qing Xu | 07.06.2017