IT/OT Convergence

Advancing Digital Manufacturing

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A recent Manufacturing Vision Study1 cites 60% of manufacturers will have fully connected factories in 2020. With globalization, supply chain complexities and increasing demand for skilled workers, discrete manufacturing companies have turned to automation for greater agility, operational efficiency and competitive advantage. 

More automation brings with it the convergence of business and plant floor systems to enable the reliable flow of information.  Explore our extensive range of industrial networking, cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions engineered to improve operational efficiency, enhance security and deliver cost savings. 

Compliance & security with a defense-in-depth ‘zones & conduits’ approach 

  • Network Address Translation devices connecting smaller systems to  protect production networks from IT Networks
  • Demilitarized zones—also called Manufacturing Applications Zones—to enable select access while securing the rest of the network
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) to identify & quarantine network anomalies 

Hardened network infrastructure solutions 

  • Layer 3 Managed Switches & Routers to communicate across different IP subnets 
  • Multiport Industrial Firewalls with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), firewall learning mode and IDS ensure packet data integrity & protect networks from adverse cyber events 

Convergence security with Tripwire ICS cyber solutions 

  • Dissect network traffic to perform industrial asset discovery, profile industrial protocol communication & ensure threat detection from demilitarized zone (DMZ) to field-level devices
  • Gain visibility into controller mode/configuration changes & firmware uploads

Fast, reliable data transmission 

  • Higher bandwidth, wider frequency ranges & Type 3 & Type 4 PoE cabling options for peak network efficiency & reliability
  • Bonded-pair cable construction for guaranteed performance in settings exposed to EMI noise, oil, ultraviolet (UV) & extreme temperatures 
  • Market-leading Industrial REVConnect RJ45 Field-Termination Connectors with superior insulation piercing mechanism & EMI protection for maximum reliability

1. Fielded Q1, 2017. 1,100 North American, Latin American, EMEA & Asia Pacific decision makers who authorize or influence the purchase of manufacturing technologies were interviewed by Peerless Insights. Multiple segments covered including Automotive Manufacturing, Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical Production.

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