Managed Industrial Ethernet Solutions

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Ethernet solutions for automotive & industrial IoT.


As manufacturers pursue to the full potential of IIoT, traditional industrial networks are being upgraded to deal with increasing demand for speed, availability, reliability and ICS Network Security.  

Outfitting networks for IIoT applications with managed industrial Ethernet switches is central to maximizing network performance and operational reliability. Hirschmann Ethernet Switches and Software solutions enable secure future-forward networks. 

Robust, Industry-Compatible Networking Products 

  • Advanced security mechanisms such as wire-speed access control lists, automatic denial-of-service prevention & audit trail
  • Redundancy protocols including 0-mins recovery times & advanced diagnostics for minimum network downtime
  • Physical & virtual network segmentation 
  • Multi-protocol support (EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP)
  • PoE-enabled options for maximum power applications
  • Configurable & interchangeable Media modules to keep pace with evolving network needs
  • Hardened, space-saving IP65/IP67 industrial designs withstand harsh conditions without performance impacts 

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Case Study

Automotive Manufacturer Retrofits Robots with LioN-Power I/O Modules

Read about a project initiated to standardize the design of a robot control system by upgrading from PROFIBUS to PROFINET, while also working with different Ethernet protocols.              

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