• Hirschmann-DRAGON-PTN

DRAGON PTN with HiProvision Software & MPLS-TP Technology

The Hirschmann DRAGON PTN backbone network family, provisioned using operation administration maintenance (OAM) software HiProvision, offers resilient, packet-based MPLS-TP technology to guarantee bandwidth availability across large networks. Devices are offered in fully modular variants and can be configured as a completely redundant system through central switching modules and power supplies. Interoperability with Hirschmann switches ensures seamless redundancy across the network.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated Bandwidth: MPLS-TP technology for different services and 50 ms protection switching
  • Easy Configuration: HiProvision software handles large transmission networks
  • High Network Availability: Industrial HiVision integration for backbone and access networks
  • Integration of Legacy Systems: Ensured by a variety of interface modules and port types
  • Stands Up to Harsh Conditions: Operating temperatures vary from -30 degrees C to +65 degrees C
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