Secure, Reliable & Manageable Networking Solutions for Transit

Delivers Comfortable, Secure Passenger Experiences

On-board communication and control systems keep rail cars, buses and other transit vehicles running smoothly and provide a better passenger travel experience. Robust security systems and infotainment keep passengers safe, informed and engaged, while advanced technologies enable superior train control, monitoring and management. Belden’s breadth of cables, connectivity and networking solutions are specifically designed to meet the increased bandwidth requirements of today’s onboard systems, while ensuring industry standards compliance, high-performance, safety and reduced operating cost.

  • RailTuff™ railway-approved line of Ethernet cables deliver up to 10 Gb/s performance and compliance with EN 45545, EN 50155, DIN 5510-2, IEC 61156-6 and ISO/IEC 11801 standards while enabling easy, risk-free installation in limited on-board spaces
  • ECE R118.02-approved data, coax and microphone cables featuring flame-resistant jacket material and fast data transmission to keep passengers safe
  • EN 50306-2 thin-wall cables deliver safe, high-performance power and control signaling for switchboards, driver desks and other on-board applications
  • Full line of shielded M12 railway connectors and patch cables are specifically designed for fast, simple and reliable on-board connections in compliance with EN 50155, IEC 61373 and DIN CLC/TS 50467 international railway standards and DIN CEN/TS 45545
  • Flexible, scalable and easy-to-commission industrial Ethernet switches support increasing bandwidth requirements

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