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Optical Distribution Frame Cabinets*

Belden’s DCX Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Cabinets are fully configurable, front access cabinets that serve as a high-density fiber interconnect or the main building block for a large fiber cross-connect. They protect connections with a lockable front door and side panels that can be unclipped from the inside. Each Cabinet holds 8 ODF Housings, and can be ordered as a basic cabinet frame or fully pre-configured with doors, sides, and cable management accessories. *Not Available in the USA

Features & Benefits

  • Highest Fiber Termination Density Available: In a small footprint, with 4,608 terminations per cabinet
  • Maximum Signal Integrity: Through bend radius control for incoming and outgoing cables and patch cords
  • Unlimited Scalability: Modular frames act as building blocks, assemble side-by-side and back-to-back for unlimited scalability
  • Space Efficient: Place against a wall or in back-to-back arrangements to minimize use of floor space
  • Simplified BOMs: Save time during deployment with fully configured cabinets
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