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RG11 Coax Cable

Offering less attenuation and signal loss than other coax cables, Belden’s RG11 Cable is designed to work with high-frequency ranges and maintain signal integrity across distances. With an impedance of 75 Ohms, it’s often used for projects that call for long, straight runs, as well as burial applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Signal Transmission: The cable offers little to no attenuation until it reaches a certain length
  • Withstands Interference: Features a solid 14 AWG copper clad steel center conductor with a 60% aluminum braid and 100% aluminum foil shield
Product Variations

Shielding Rating Part Number Tech Data
Duobond II + 60% Al Braid General1523AProduct Detail
Riser1523RProduct Detail
Plenum1523APProduct Detail
Burial1525AProduct Detail
Messenger1524AMProduct Detail
 Duobond III + 77% Al Braid Burial 7984AProduct Detail
7984BProduct Detail
Messenger7983AProduct Detail
7983BMProduct Detail
Duobond IV 60% and 40% TC Braids General1617AProduct Detail
Burial1618AProduct Detail
Messenger1619AMProduct Detail
Duobond Plus + 77% Al Braid General9064Product Detail
Burial9764Product Detail
Messenger9065MProduct Detail
Duofoil + 40% Al Braid General9011Product Detail
Duofoil + 60% and 40% TC Braids Plenum1153AProduct Detail
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